At some point every Oysterquartz owner is going to have to face the issue of service. A routine battery change at any of the Rolex Service Centers in the US is done free of charge, and this includes new gaskets and pressure testing.  The following prices are a general guide to what you can expect to pay to bring your Oysterquartz 17000 back up to "new" condition. These prices are estimates only and may not reflect the actual cost for servicing your watch.  My thanks to adlibera for contacting Rolex to secure these price estimates.  Note: The prices below are from 2005.

  • Typical movement service: $300

  • Full movement service with water and/or circuit damage: $775

  • New dial: $180

  • New crown and crown tube: $70

  • New hands set: $55

  • New sapphire crystal: $85

  • New bracelet links: $35 each

  • New bracelet clasp: $120 

  • Refinish case and bracelet: Included

A reader of was kind enough to send me the following prices he was quoted by Rolex in 2012 for service on his vintage 1982 Oysterquartz 17000:
  • Full 10-year service:  $800

  • New Hands: $95

  • New Dial (black): $510


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